Epilen is redesigning healthcare by combining software, hardware, and the actual doctors practicing all under one roof.

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Personal Doctor,
Personalized Care

On-demand Web scheduling, weekend hours & on-time visits.

Control where you get care, when you get care, right on your phone.

Healthcare is free flowing and easily accessed wherever you’re located.

Delivery of better access to quality healthcare

24/7 access to Epilen’s medical staffs and doctors via our platform

Your health data and results always available on your phone

Ongoing proactive monitoring - We’re with you by your side always.

Epilen Membership

Epilen is a new kind of health membership. We start by pairing you with a world-class physician who uses new technology, real-time blood testing, and our software to build your healthview: a complete picture of your health and a plan for helping you lead a healthier and happier life.

We then follow up via 24x7 care team consisting of your physician, and medical assistants assisted by Data. Your care team uses data from your healthview to proactively reach out via the app and ensure that things are going well.


Private Doctor

Body scanning & Blood Screening

Personalized Care

24x7 access to your Care Team

Health & Wellness

Proactive health monitoritng via our app

In the wake of 2018, we're committed to rebuild a transparent data-backed healthcare model and help you get the clearest picture of your health.

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* Based on IBM Watson Source. Watson is a registered trademark of IBM.

** Medical experts suggest that up to 80% of enterprise data exists in this unstructured format, which means a majority of critical data isn’t being considered or analyzed.

*** The Data Explosion stats are predicted by IBM Research and IBM Watson. IBM Research and IBM Watson are registered trademarks of IBM.

† Epilen is harnessing the power of medical data to help improve health and health care. The information we are looking for includes clinical care provider quality information, databases of the latest medical and scientific knowledge, consumer product data, local community health performance information, citizen's health data linked with their Aadhar Card, government spending data and much more.

§ The Epilen data collection is currently in process, and will be coming soon with services, over the course of next quarters.

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